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Coach At Dominos Soccer Club

We are passionate about our club and our coaches. We want to help our players achieve all their goals and dreams. 

Our #1 focus is our coaches because our #1 priority is our players.

In order to develop the next generation coaches must have all the latest coaching skills. We believe that if we focus on providing our coaches with the proper training our players will improve. It's a simple formula.

Coaching Education + Applied To Players = Successful Players/Teams

When parents bring their children to Dominos Soccer Club they are trusting us to do some or all of the following:

  • Develop soccer skills
  • Develop respect for themselves, coaches/teammates, officials & the game
  • Develop confidence that will allow their child to excel outside the game
  • Develop character through hard work
  • Teach them to enjoy and love the game so that one day they can pass it on
  • Learn how to work within a team to accomplish a single goal
  • Learn how to win with grace and lose with dignity

Players Develop During Training

A player that plays 4 games in a weekend but only trains 1 time during the week will not be as good as the player that trains 2-4 times per week and only plays 1 game on the weekend. Players need to repetitively touch the ball in training hundreds and thousands of time during the week for them to develop to their full potential.  

Focus On Training Not Wins/Losses

If we focus on giving you all the necessary coaching tools your players will develop and your teams will ultimately see success. We don't want your focus to be on wins/losses. Player development is not a sprint - it is a marathon. You can't give up on a player based on where they are today. If they don't quit on us than we aren't going to quit on them. If we invest more time and energy into training our players our teams will eventually and ultimately experience the success that is measurable on the game field. 

Benefits of Coaching At Dominos Soccer Club

  • Onboarding Program for new coaches
  • On-going / annual coaching education (required)
  • Coaches are paid according to their level of education 
  • Education reimbursement 
  • Coaches are supplied with complete set of Nike warm/cold weather branded apparel
  • Access to the Dominos Indoor Training Facility for practices, meetings, team parties, video review, team watch parties, personal workouts (need our coaches in shape), and more

If you are interested in becoming a Dominos Soccer Coach please contact Youth Development Director Rich Malagon to arrange an interview. 

Phone: 816-878-4377

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